The fireworks are often used to express the joy of an event, scintillating and crackling, are perfect as Grand Finale for a great event, that surely will thrill out and will keep everybody with their noses towards the sky.

If you think that you can not personalize them. You are wrong! Now is possible to choose among many options from traditional fireworks to the pyrotechnic show with music.

You can decide the colours that are following the theme of your ceremony, you can crackle the fireworks following the rhythm of your love song or blow them up in a spectacular show of lights.

The pyrotechnical Art nowadays has highly evolved, and you can personalize your event with your customized fireworks with your fantasy and obviously by choosing professional and qualified company.

Your ceremony could end with the appearance in the sky of your names or initials, important dates or words, symbols that represent your love.

Hearts, wedding rings or doves, any symbol you desire that could “explode” above you and your guests, which they will remain speechless

If you want to be distinguished by getting married during New year eve, what is better than celebrate the new year and the culmination of your love with the charm of the Fireworks?

Even last year our event left everybody speechless and fascinated with the pyrotechnic show offered by Pirotecnica Soldi projected in the sky above Villa Le Corti and the beautiful hills of Chianti. A show in the show of our territory, the perfect conclusion for the Wedding event that left one more drop of emotion in everybody.

But always remember, you do not play or improvise with the fire, only a little blow to transform an event in a tragedy! If you desire Fireworks for your event always address to professional company that are prepared and expert, that are working with the maximum of safety and professionalism.