Your wedding in the heart of Chianti

Wedding in Chianti is the exhibition based on wedding in the heart of Chianti.
During a weekend future couples could benefit from advices and the experience of major professionists in local weddings, feeling potentialities and qualities of products and local services about weddind world.

To enrich expository section there are location tours,lots of interactive workshops, beauty rooms and much more.

All is set in the exclusive location of Castello il Palagio, a unipue spot for historical prestige and for his suggestive landscape. Perfect ingredients for an unforgettable event.

The event “Wedding in Chianti, a territory to marry” is born from a bet wanted by us (GenerEventi), supported by Municipality of San Casciano in Val di Pesa to enhance potentalities and qualities of our local companies working around wedding sectors.

Following the first edition of last year, the new edition will be full of news and much more interest. Chianti territory is a patrimony of beauty, genuinity and big charme. Our countryside, cultivated fields and our beautiful locations are became unique attractions for plenty of foreigners coming all over the world, not only as turistic area, but also as the perfect place to celebrate weddings.

From the beginning this has been our energy: give the chance to know Chianti’s locations as excellences in wedding world. They are ideal showcases of our landscape, as expression of professionalities and a re-discover of lots of values in our farming tradition.

Therefore was born a most ambitious project to involve also all other companies working around this sector, giving them possibility of visibility but above all we hope to give them the opportunity to join in a connection of services in order to begin a mutual suport and a real relationship to increase all together the local wedding economy.

For this reason we have decided to carry on in our project of regarding “Wedding in Chianti” to show everybody how really is a “territory to marry”!

Our Staff

Giulia Belloni

Contact with companies

Graduating in Communication Sciences. She is a councilor of the Proloco di San Casciano and for four years has been committed to promoting the potential of Chianti through the organization of different events that are always attentive to the enhancement of the territory

Giada Fusi

Communication supervisor

Graduated in Communication Sciences, passionated since she was a child in wedding world, she worked and write editorial articles on sector portals such as .”Nozzeganze”. With creativity and commitment she manages communication on social/web

Simona Sgrilli

Sponsor Manager

Always passionate about the world of sweets and pastry, she was the first in Tuscany to have built IAD, a domestic food company

Fiammetta Poggi

Administration Manager

She studies events planning in the field of art and show business. She joins our staff to discover wedding world after organizational experiences in contemporary art and cultures meeting.She likes the possibility of getting to know a new sector and enhancing our territory

Federica Fani

Business Support

Graduated in Event Organization and always passionate about the world of weddings, she attended various courses for Wedding Planner working alongside professionals in the sector in the organization and during the wedding days.

Matteo Bagnoli

Visual Designer

I begin to play with Graphic Design and Web Design as a self-taught person, to transform passion into work, I currently have a creative studio in Chianti.
A strong passion connects me to my territory and for Wedding in Chianti I deal with communication and website management.