The new trend waiting for the Wedding Day!

Choosing the Photographer is always a difficult decision, due to the numerous and many other photographers that embraced this new and raising business, consisted long days and intensive… but fulfilled by great feelings and love!

Nowadays not only on the wedding day the couple wants to be photographed while are at the maximum of their elegance and surrounded by all their families.

Even in Italy it came the new trend of Prematrimonial Photo Shooting, a day or more, where the couple stays in front of the camera without make up, but only the simplicity of their daily places and their love.

There are not fancy dress no make-up neither breathtaking hairstyle, only them and their love spots.

Usually the couples want to be photographed before the wedding in the places which have important meaning for them, have not to be “gorgeous” places, like the one that are selected for the wedding.

The Locations can be endless, the house’s garden, in the town’s Park where they have met, from the soccer field to the tree where they carved their names!

Most of the time are selected outdoor places and an informal outfits.

There are not fashion pose, usually the photographer is a silent viewer of any day, looking to capture the small daily gestures, the authentic ones, from their hearts which are the base of any relationship.

This is a photo shooting to celebrate love even when is not dressed up for a special event, but where faces the ups and downs of every days.

Every capture taken from the photographer, with his eye, helps to understand how much lucky we are to have found the right person that is next to us, chose us and love us as we are with our virtues and vices.

A new and healthy trend, that we girls of Wedding in Chianti, we do like a lot because celebrate the simplicity of love that evolves every day.