Marriage in the vineyard: top of the Country chic

Well yes, also this time are the Americans who “teach us” a new fashion: the Vineyard Wedding!

If you don’ t know what it is, don’ t worry, it has just arrived in Italy, but it is certainly a perfect novelty for our Chianti! Because? Simple, this is a ceremony in the vineyard! The right choice for lovers of good wine, nature and the genuineness of the earth.

From the ceremony to the buffet; from the aperitif, to the lunch, to the photographic set, of course, our fields of vines are the ideal setting for such an important day!

The bunches of grapes, the colors of the leaves, the perfection of the rows and that smell of nature are a winning mix to make your day unforgettable and certainly full of charm!

Are you afraid that it is not very refined? Nothing to worry about, just rely on the right experts in the industry, who will advise you a few simple steps to make the atmosphere elegant and classy. If you then want to exaggerate, take care of the details and then make the nature and the vines also the theme of your marriages; use them as table centers, decorations for the chairs, tableaux, up to the favors themselves, and make yourself crazy and let your imagination run wild!

Another beautiful thing about the vineyards is that you can choose which colors to celebrate your wedding, based simply on the season in which you intend to get married, because the environment will change drastically, going from the intense green of spring, to the changing green of the harvest, to the red orange of autumn. What more could you ask for?

This is why Chianti, thanks to its viticultural importance, can truly become one of the favourite destinations for those who choose the Vineyard Wedding …. no longer a simple marriage, but a real fusion between the ceremony and the Chianti … Our territory to marry!