The winning choice for a perfect eco wedding

Are you looking for a low cost alternative to personalize your wedding?

Juta and natural fabrics in general are perfect for “country” couples who have imagined their wedding in a rustic style and retrò.

Cheap, easy to model and suitable to create thousands ideas with few tools…What more could you want from simple fabrics?

Juta is the winning choice for who wants shock their guests without exceed their budget.

After all, you need manual skills, improvisation, creativity and enthusiasm…They’ ll be the essential elements to create personalized and unique accessories that will make really YOURS this day!

Do you need any ideas to start? Here some simple ideas:

Let’ s start from the church: fabric can adorn flower decoration making the athmosphere more rustic and welcoming

Can also be part of the groom and bride’s outfit.

Why don’t you use juta also for the ring’s coushion?you can cover it,you could make it nicer with lace….unwind your imagination, and you’ll make it less formal and much more original.

Don’t you have any ideas how to make your party favours? Small juta’s boxes could be what you need, simple and delicate,maybe with flowers and colouful ribbons.

Ceremony is due to end, but don’t worry for the reception, juta could remain,without any doubt the guideline of your wedding.

Can enrich tables, centerpieces, enveloping candles or flower vases, making them more delicate.

A cute idea is make a small pocket for catlery or create small detail for nameplate.

Also chairs can be wrapped or decorated with juta’s ribbons,so everything will be uniform and simply elegant.

Aren’t still you satisfied?Use juta to cover menus,wedding books,invitations, church’s books, surely you are the one that should find the right details to embellish and make it really perfect for your wedding.

Juta is really the winning choice for all that couples who want to have fun with eco wedding accessories.

Love,simplicity and creativity….the perfect trio for our “wedding in Chianti”.