We are sure that the saying “the fashions change” is right?
The trends are more like a boomerang, come suddenly, launched by who knows who knows where, evolve along the way and at a certain point disappear, and then reappear only a handful of years later.

Just think of the great success of the vintage style, to understand that basically everything passes and then reappears with another value!

The same happens every year in the world of wedding … an example?
The hairstyle with the wreaths of flowers .. Its peak has been in the Hippie period, perfect to crown “the daughters of flowers”. Then for a while it disappeared, to come back in vogue in the last years.
And even this 2018 will be full of floral heads!

A detail with a timeless charm that combines simplicity, naturalness and elegance.
The element that is able to combine well with every style of the dress, thanks to the huge variety of flowers to choose from.

The garland then fits very well to any type of hairstyle and length.

It can be used both to define the gathered hairstyles, to enhance the detail of those elaborated, or simply to “crown” the natural hair, left loose and flowing.

Of course then it is up to the bride to make it one of a kind, depending on your character and your taste … but one thing is certain, the result will be a winner!

The delicacy of a flower will enhance the beauty of every woman!