Yes I want it…. but in a balloon!!!

Wedding in a balloon, the winning choice to amaze everyone!

Yes, in the last few years, Chianti has seen the flight of dozens of hot-air balloons that rise up in the air and float in the sky.A truly fascinating show, which every time fills everyone with amazement, joy and curiosity.Positive feelings that can be perfectly combined with a day of celebration!

Why not choose it as your wedding theme, to leave everyone speechless ?!

There is no written anywhere that spouses must necessarily arrive from the ground. So if you are a sparkling couple, always ready to “launch you to new horizons” the balloon is undoubtedly the winning choice, which will make your arrival at the ceremony even more exciting, and certainly unforgettable for everyone! Of course, it takes more precautions, specialized people, a large space of departure and one of arrival; in addition, of course, to optimal weather conditions. In short, a big bet, a real leap into the void …. But then you want to put that show!?!?

You are not convinced of the entry into the scene? .. you could simply use it later as a small but unique photo set that will make your memories an experience that you will remember forever.

Your beauty immortalized above the magic of our territory, a background that many will envy!

Of course you could use it as the theme of the entire ceremony, bringing back inside the dinner area a floating presence of small lanterns in the shape of a balloon, thematic table centers and original placeholders … and why not make your tableux a launch point from which to leave your guests, to make them land in the right table !?

All details that will help make your big day even more ethereal and eternal!

If you haven’ t yet arrived at the wedding, but look for an original way to make the fateful question to your half, surely the balloon will make the proposal a real scream to the world of your love!

Free in the sky, in the Chianti hills, you, your day and all the emotions that will fill your heart … what more can you ask for?