Marriage between the olive trees, the wedding thet tastes of genuineness

One of the most widespread choices in the world of wedding is country chic, a ceremony that tastes of everyday life and brings back to the center of the party those colors, those smells, those flavors that taste of genuineness and back to nature.

And what’s better than rediscovering your roots immersed in one of the beautiful olive groves of Chianti? A winning choice for campaign lovers!

The olive trees can become the real hub of your wedding, setting up the ceremony right in the middle of the plants. Twigs of olive trees can then go to decorate the seats, to enrich the bride’s bouquet and floral decorations.

If, on the other hand, the olive grove is chosen only for the reception, woods and extracts can be used as a table center or as an auspicious placeholder, to take home as a souvenir. And why not choose a different favor?

A bottle of personalized green nectar, the good oil of our Chianti, sought after by everyone and a gift definitely appreciated by your guests!

The olive tree is known, has historically a lot of symbolic meanings, sacred and not; it is recognized as the plant of peace, justice, wisdom and rebirth. Valuable values ​​that will contribute to enveloping this new union in a positive green aura.

Tuscany and Chianti in particular are scattered with olive fields; the same locations of the territory are mostly included in plots of land cultivated, cared for and able to become the perfect setting for your most beautiful day…because ours is really a territory to marry!