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Project Description

Event Drink

Event Drink offers a new way to make Bar Catering, a new concept of trends and qualities combined in harmony.

We propose ourselves for every type of event, with the possibility of providing beverage and top bartenders, various outfits and equipements in harmony with events, ice or fruit sculptures, wedding candies and wedding favors in collaboration with Taberna Artis or bar-corners with cigars and distillates of the best quality.

Event Drink is keen to stress that the primary purpose of the service is to give the customer quality and research of the raw material, new trends in mixing by our Bartender Lorenzo Forzoni.

A Bartender who started his career at a very young age in Arezzo and who developed his professionalism in the best clubs in Milan like the MAG café, defined as one of the best Italian cocktail bars and the 1930 Coktail bar that projects him in the ranks of the best top bartender.

Lorenzo decided with Event Drink to bring all of his experience and professionalism back to Tuscany, to guarantee to our customers a quality service and new trends in the world of Bar.


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